My VIDEO with Happy New Year wishes :)

Dear People, World, Universe,

Happy New Year 2016 !

Happy Flow of Natural Light and Love Energy! 

I got that mood 🙂 for creating a spontaneous video after visiting event – White New Year Party . You can see a brief collage of my pictures 🙂 I’m serious after meditation, girly next to the decoration, mature in thoughtful perseption of what I’m willing to bring and share in New Year 2016, and just in flow of light energy spirit … 


So, when I got home after party (non-alcohol! only tea and little cake 🙂

In my video I was willing to say message to all people who might someday will notice my authentic talk with good intensions 🙂

Please, take into consideration that I talk at 3 a.m. (at night 🙂 so forgive me some slow thinking and maybe incorrect English terms 🙂

Well, I’m Ukrainian Lady but I feel that my home is in USA 🙂 


So, here is a LINK to my VIDEO with Angels next to me …

My 1st Vimeo Video 1 January 2016 Greetings

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