Angels Tarot Reading

Dear Friends, Visitors, Readers,

Today I’m going to tell you what help me to be optimistic, inspired and at the same time considerate, thoughtful and practical in our @Real8Magic world…

Angels Messages and Transparent Wisdom

are tend to speak exactly in tune with individual being… 

For example, today I asked my Angels Tarot desk about specific advice —

«What is my current state is all about? For what purpose I expirience it?»

and I’ve got a very beautiful and meaningful Angels answer — 

The Card is Nine of Earth

(and I have to say that I’m Virgo — Earth sign and realistic person :)) and this card wispers to me absolutely in tune with what I really and spiritualy sense —

Enjoying Life’s little luxuries

Spending quiet time alone

Successful self-employment


Wow! I love more and more Angels guidance as they show me positive side accurately about what is better for me right now to notice, cherish and lead for continuing improvment

As a Psychologist and Spiritual Intuitive coach

I can help you with Angels Oracle Reading Cards Online Skype sessions exactly for your request, your dreams and your goal-oriented direction

I can work on distance because I have Reiki energy support of getting in tune with true wisdom for that person who asks me for such Angels advice

My Skype name is Real8Magic 

I speak English, Russian and my native Ukrainian

Yes, I’m Ukrainian Lady with international spirit 🙂

Light Sparkling,




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